Avatar at Comic-Con!

There's no details on the panel just yet (the full programming schedule will be available next week) but you can rest assured that James Cameron's AVATAR will have a big presence. How can we be sure? Well Fox and Comic-Con already have banners hanging up on lampposts in and around San Diego. The official Comic-Con Twitter feed updated today with some pics of the banner that show our first real look at a Na'vi. It's...well, hard to tell. It's a photo of a banner that's a close-up shot. It's intriguing definitely but we'll have to wait until we slap those big ole 3D goggles on in Hall H to really see what we're up against.

I guess the better question that this poster brings up (at least in my mind) is whether AVATAR can live up to the hype. It almost seems like some overzealous fanboys have built AVATAR up to be the second coming without having seen a single frame of the movie. What if, *gulp*, it's not as awesome as you made it out to be in your head? Can AVATAR possibly live up? I'm not saying it can't because perhaps it truly is a mindfuck, gamechanger or whatever you want to call it. But what if it's not?...

Extra Tidbit: As much as fanboys laughed at the girls squealing at TWILIGHT last year, I expect them to do the same when the AVATAR panel begins.
Source: Comic-Con



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