Best Movie & TV Trailers of the Week: Venom, The Meg & more

Welcome, loyal JoBlo readers! This is Best Movie and TV Trailers of the Week, where we take the very best previews we saw over the long week and compile them all in one spot for you, just in case you were out and about navigating this mad, mad, mad world that is life. We’re nice like that.

This week was light on the trailer front, with the new trailer for VENOM starring Mr. Tom Hardy being the only major drop. We got to see the most action of all the footage here, getting a glimpse at Riot (Riz Ahmed) and being treated to the image of what a turd blowing in the wind would look like. That easily makes this trailer the most unforgettable of the week, but there were some great trailers out there for smaller flicks like Barry Jenkins' MOONLIGHT follow-up IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK and the Lizzie Borden biopic LIZZIE. 

On the TV front, we have some new trailers for shows like Amazon's MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE (season three), CAMPING, and Dwayne Johnson's returning HBO hit BALLERS, which will start its fourth season.

Our favorite trailer of the week: VENOM

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