Best Selling DVDs/Blu-Rays on JoBlo.com (January 2013)

January sales are usually quite similar to our December best-selling Blu-Rays & DVDs because most studios try to release their biggest titles right around Christmas, so there's usually not much left over for January. To that end, we were very happy to see one of the most underrated films of the year, DREDD, finish atop the January sales charts (was #9 last month) -- and yes, it only sold 1 more copy than SKYFALL in 2nd place, but that still counts! TAKEN 2 also stuck around from last month, although a few new titles were added including such Oscar hopefuls as FLIGHT and ARGO. It was also nice to see a TV show break into the top 10 with GAME OF THRONES' 2nd season charting that course. And if you're wondering how the 4-year old GODFATHER COLLECTION (on Blu-Ray) suddenly cracked the top 10 this month, well it was on sale for a few days in January for the ridiculous price of only $19.99, so there you go!

BTW, if you're someone who purchases your DVDs/Blu-Rays via Amazon.com, please use our links to make your buys because our site benefits from that. Much appreciated! So now, with no further adieu...allow me to present the 12 best-selling digital discs on JoBlo.com during the month of January 2013 (click through the image below to see the runner-ups). Keep track of all upcoming DVDs/Blu-Rays via our RELEASE DATES section, and all check all previous months' sales below. Peace!

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