Bill Hader encounters drama on and off the stage in Barry Season 2 trailer

Word from the stage is that the first season of HBO’s BARRY delivered a killer ending. In fact, I’ve been told by a few of my JoBlo compatriots that they’ve no idea where the comedic crime-drama starring Bill Hader‘s darkly-humored hitman could go for its second season. To them I say fear not, for HBO has raised the curtain on a trailer for BARRY Season 2, which looks to have Hader’s oddball character participating in more acting classes, while still leading a double life that’s bound to cause him a whole heap of trouble in the events to come.

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Back in October of 2018 while speaking with IndieWire, Hader talked up the second season of BARRY by telling the outlet, “There’s still some good comedy.” He then continued, “But I think, just for the virtue of Barry’s character and what he does for a living, and how we’ve chosen to portray it — which is him becoming a little more sensitive to what he does for a living and how it’s affecting people and himself — it starts to get darker. You sit in a writers room and you go, ‘Well, I guess this is what would happen next.’ And everyone just stares at each other like, oh sh*t!”

“Oh sh*t,” indeed. While I’ve yet to experience BARRY for myself (a blight on my good character that I hope to correct this coming weekend), I’ve several friends who’re awaiting the show’s second season with bated breath. The good news is that they won’t have to wait for long, seeing as BARRY is scheduled to return to HBO on March 31st.

Do you plan to tune in for the second season of BARRY? Is the first season as awesome as everyone says, or have I been lead astray? Let me know in the comments section below.

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