Bill Hader takes the stage in new Barry trailer

Bill Hader has made a career being the funnyman and an impression extraordinaire. In the upcoming HBO show, BARRY, he will get to exercise more of his dramatic muscles, while still getting to be a bit of a funnyman. The new trailer for the show finds Hader’s Barry unleashing some angry and pent-up emotions, showing Hader like you’ve never seen him before. He goes full method actor and punches a glass frame. Hell, had they thrown a sink or toilet in there he would’ve gone all Joaquin Phoenix and smashed that too.

Here is a plot synopsis for the show:

Former Marine Barry Berkman works as a low-rent hitman in the Midwest. Lonely and dissatisfied in his life, he begrudgingly travels to Los Angeles to kill someone and ends up finding an accepting community in a group of eager hopefuls within the LA theater scene

Another fun fact for you all is that Hader also directed the first three episodes of the show, with co-creator Alec Berg (CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, SILICON VALLEY) directing some as well. The show looks like it does a good job of blending dark humor with genuine drama, and it’s a unique take on the mid-life crisis angle. I hope the show is as good as it looks because lord knows HBO needs a hit for once. 

BARRY hits HBO March 25.

Source: HBO



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