Black Mirror's Star Trek parody U.S.S. Callister beams up a new trailer!

BLACK MIRROR is great - a modern TWILIGHT ZONE that focuses on technology and how it affects the world, good or bad (though...mostly bad). Originally a two-season British series, it was picked up by Netflix for a third season, and now they're gearing up for a fourth.

Now we have a teaser promo for U.S.S. CALLISTER, one of the episodes of the upcoming season. And it looks tonally different than anything that's come before. Hell, the trailer embedded above doesn't even give away the dark twist this particular episode is hiding (that's almost inevitable in BLACK MIRROR episode). In fact, without that it looks like a fun homage to STAR TREK (or a porn parody). Either way, I'm excited and can't wait!

Meanwhile, the BLACK MIRROR episode "U.S.S. Callister" will stream on Netflix, with the rest of the season, December 29th.

Extra Tidbit: I don't know why I thought about this, but GALAXY QUEST really is great, huh?
Source: YouTube



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