Bloodsport the latest project aboard the reboot train

It comes as no surprise when I hear any movie announced as being rebooted. At this point, I'm numb to the concept.

You want to reboot Jean Claude Van Damme's Bloodsport? Sure, why not? Go for it. Nothing I can say will stop you anyways.

The new version will be directed by Phillip Noyce, most recently known for the not-as-bad-as-it-should-have-been SALT with Angelina Jolie. The plot of the new film differs a bit from the original as it tells of the story of "an American who goes to Brazil to recover from the violence he has experienced in Afghanistan who gets involved in a martial arts contest."

Despite appearing in the upcoming EXPENDABLES 2, it's pretty obvious JCVD will be not be starring, despite it being his original vessel to martial arts stardom, and they'll have to find a new young action star to take his place. Just not Taylor Lautner please.

Should Bloodsport be remade? Probably not, but it's par for the course in Hollywood today, so there's no use complaining really. I guess just try and make the least disaster out of it possible, and that will be considered a success.

Extra Tidbit: When meeting the producer of the original for the first time Jean Claude did a spin kick that barely missed his head. He got the job on the spot.
Source: Screen Daily



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