Breaking Bad's Jesse Plemons up for a leading role in Star Wars: Episode VII

When are we officially allowed to start talking about BREAKING BAD without worry about spoilers? I mean, the show is over. There's so much I'd love to say about a particular character in the series who is the subject of this article but I feel like I can't without ruining someone's experience of the show. That would be kind of terrible.

I'll just stick to the facts.

Jesse Plemons AKA Meth Damon from BREAKING BAD is auditioning for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. He must be killing it because the actor is actually going in for his second test for director JJ Abrams. What's crazy is that it's not just a supporting role-- it's one of the leads. Damn Todd, you've come a long way.

Plemons will leave Austin, Texas and head to Los Angeles to meet with Abrams for the first time. Numerous sources say that he was well-received to those in casting, and is a serious contender.

There's no word on which role it is. So at this point it's anyone's guess. Abrams is still working on the script with Lawrence Kasdan.

STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is set to release on December 18, 2015.

Source: The Wrap



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