Breathtaking extended trailer for BBC's Planet Earth II looks incredible

Planet Earth II

BBC's Natural History Unit has created some of the most impressive and stunningly beautiful nature documentaries out there, including 2006's Planet Earth. Now, ten years later, the same team has been working on a follow-up series which will further explore our planet and the wondrous animals which inhabit it. Consisting of six-episodes and narrated by Sir David Attenborough (who else), Planet Earth II will debut in the U.K. this November but in the meantime, check out this breathtaking extended trailer for the upcoming docu-series!

Planet Earth II executive producer Mike Gunton seems confident that the sequel series will once again elevate the nature doc, saying that the series "is another game-changer. Shot in UHD, the epic scale and ambition of this series is second to none. It will be a truly immersive experience, providing audiences with a unique perspective on the most extraordinary places and animals on our planet." If you're at all interested in nature, animals or the beauty of our world, I'd imagine that this will definitely be worth your time. I know I'll be checking it out.

Source: BBC



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