Bruce Willis goes in guns blazing in new Death Wish trailer

Bruce Willis is on a quest for revenge in Eli Roth’s remake of DEATH WISH (with a script from Joe Carnahan), and he is taking zero shits from anyone. Out is the iconic mustache of Charles Bronson, and in is the shiny baldness of Willis, which he seems to keep hidden under a hoodie as he blasts fools away. The new trailer is here teasing tons of gunplay and violence, which is befitting of a movie about a man who becomes a vigilante to do the work the cops, or anyone else, won’t do. Maybe no else takes matters into their own hands because no one looks as good doing it as Bruce Willis.

The movie certainly looks action-packed and should be a good time at the movies for action/Willis junkies. The original film was met with controversy given its violence and its depiction of vigilante justice, but violent crime was on the rise in cities back then, and the film struck a chord with audiences. Now, with more people upset with the current gun laws and the idea of people being able to go around shooting each other, I don't know what kind of effect the movie will have on viewers. Will it also be met with controversy? Will audiences see it as just a cool action flick and turn out simply for that reason? I can't answer those questions, but I will that if there was anyone out there who I would want to avenge me, it's Willis. 

DEATH WISH arrives March 2.

Source: MGM



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