Captain America faces the Ultron menace in the latest Avengers poster


Robert Downey Jr. kicked off a nice, little character poster campaign for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON last week, and it looks like it may be coming to a close with none other than Chris Evans' Captain America. Almost every day has yielded a new character poster from Marvel and we have the final AGE OF ULTRON trailer to look forward to in 2 days' time. That's still time enough to deliver some Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch action, if Marvel is feeling generous!


Chris Evans on the fact we'll see the Avengers work together more in ULTRON:

I like all the scenes that we get to have together. In this movie, it’s not about having stand-out moments, it’s about trying to have stand-together moments. You want to have scenes where you’re like ‘Man, the Avengers just kicked ass! If it’s every man for himself then it defeats the purpose of what this movie is. We have individual films for that. So I like the scenes where – as a unit – we’re all wrecking shop. And we get a bunch of those in this.

In Chris Evans' interview with Yahoo, he also pointed out that the cast received a list of events that each character went through in between films.  Unfortunately he wasn't willing to share that list, but audiences will undoubtedly be able to put the pieces together once ULTRON hits theaters.  As always, we'll upload any more character posters that come our way, but be sure to check back Thursday for the latest trailer. Hopefully we'll get enough juicy material to tide us over until AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON hits theaters on May 1st!

Source: MarvelYahoo



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