Carrie Fisher's work on Episode VIII completed prior to unfortunate passing

The world mourns the loss of Carrie Fisher. While she is of course remembered as the strong-willed and fiesty Princess Leia, she was so much more than that. Beyond being a prolific character actress (in films such as THE BLUES BROTHERS, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, and AUSTIN POWERS), she was also one of the most expensive and sought after script doctors in the business for a while. She worked her magic on such prolific films as LETHAL WEAPON 3, HOOK, THE WEDDING SINGER, and LAST ACTION HERO, among many, many others.

But it does seem fitting that he last role would also be her most memorable, showing up in EPISODE VIII as General Organa once more in a "larger role" according to Deadline. Also per that report, Fisher had finished shooting all her scenes role prior to her passing. Knowing that she showed up in (SPOILERS!!!!) ROGUE ONE via CGI (that I feel was actually good and not as distracting as people are making it out to be), it's a relief that they won't have to rely on anything like that in EPISODE VIII, regardless. What they'll do for EPISODE IX is still up in the air, however.

Either way, STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII will blast off into theaters December 15th, 2017. May the force be wtih you, Carrie. We all miss you.

Extra Tidbit: Carrie Fisher was told by George Lucas that she couldn't wear a bra in Episode IV, because "there isn't underwear in space", to which she eventually responded "No matter how I go, I want it to be reported that I was drowned by moonlight and strangled my own bra".
Source: Deadline



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