Cast This: Jessica Jones

Welcome back, Schmoes! Here we are in the third week of the new Marvel Netflix series casting. This week is Jessica Jones. Here are the previous castings: Daredevil and Luke Cage

Who is Jessica Jones? She may not be one of the most familiar in the Marvel Universe, but is more complex at times than any of her superhero counterparts. Another girl connected with Spider-Man, Jones shared the high school halls with Peter Parker who she had an enormous crush on. Unfortunately those days would be short lived when one day on a drive with her family, the car collided with a truck carrying radioactive materials. You can guess what happened then…

Jones spent time in a coma then awoke with super strength, has the ability to fly, and is more resistant to harm than a regular human. When the character was first introduced in Brian Michael Bendis’ Alias, she had withdrawn from the superhero world to become a private eye. This is where we see the depth of the character, who of all things just wants to better herself despite everything that happens in her life. First she spent time as the hero Jewel then became Power Woman after her marriage to Luke Cage who was Power Man.

Now it’s time to speed up to who we think should play Jessica Jones. I’m not sure what age they will want the character, but I would at least guess under 35. The first lady that came to my mind was Ali Larter. I think she’s definitely got some hero potential. However, in the Alias series she looks more like Franka Potente in my opinion. I’m sure you guys can come up with some great ideas for Mrs. Jones.

Now, cast this!


1. Terry Crews 2. Michael Jai White 3. Billy Brown

So Crews took the win with White in a not so close second. There were other great ideas like third runner up, Billy Brown along with Chadwick Boseman and HOUSE OF CARDS Mahershala Ali. I think any of these guys would be a great Cage. I keep wondering if they will actually use any household names for this project. Maybe we should think about up and comers as well. That said, I can't wait to see the results on this week's column.

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