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So we got a little bit of info on the upcoming GEARS OF WAR movie this week. It wasn’t much, as it said the film is a prequel and is “more like CLOVERFIELD or something like that,” but it’s enough to inspire me to write this week’s Cast This column, as I think the film may start being cast soon.

I do firmly believe that GEARS OF WAR could be a great movie, if done correctly, but I’m unsure of director Len Wiseman’s (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, UNDERWORLD) ability to deliver. But directing aside, the movie can be made or broken by its cast, and no one is more important than squad leader and bandanaed badass MARCUS FENIX.

GEARS OF WAR creator Cliff Bleszinski had this to say when it was first announced that the GEARS movie was being made:

“Definitely not a wrestler. I think just go with a real actor…You know… like a Clive Owen type; somebody who can actually act and is incredibly charismatic. And they can put him on a workout plan for six months so he can build the muscle mass he needs.”

Yeah, because if there’s one thing Marcus Fenix has, it’s “charisma.” I think Bleszinski may be delusional with his pick, but I think there are a few actors that could play Fenix that didn’t necessarily get their start doing suplexes for a living. He needs to be a badass, yes, but he doesn’t have to be Stallone ripped, all that armor piled on him could make DJ Qualls look huge if need be. But who do you think would wield the chainsaw best?


I was blown away by the massive number of responses for last week’s column, almost doubling our previous record of comments. Almost 150 of you weighed in with your Cap’n suggestions, and honestly, I was a bit surprised by the results.

1. Jensen Ackles (10%) 2. Matt Damon (8%) 3. Chris Pine (6%)

The percentages are so low because there was such a diverse set of choices, and a lot of close runners up. I have to say that this is one week where I disagree with you guys. I think Ackles looks the part, but from what I’ve seen from him on “Smallville” and “Supernatural,” I don’t think he’s in any way ready to headline a film this big.

Your A-list choice was Matt Damon, and even though my preference is against A-listers all together, I would really have to go with DiCaprio or Pitt over Damon here. Chris Pine I could see working, but I think he’s a bit young, and you’d have to cut the blonde angle completely.

I don’t usually reveal my choices, but I was really pulling for Alexander Skarsgard and Jon Hamm this week. Both were runners up, suggested by many of you, but not enough to crack the top three. Ah well, you’re all entitled to your opinions, that’s why this column works.

OK, time to think about who would best fill the curb-stomping boots of Marcus Fenix!

Extra Tidbit: I wrote an article a while back casting a GEARS movie. I had no idea at the time that the actor who plays Terry Tate actually voices Augustus Cole.
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