Casting Round-up: Halle Berry Joins Kidnap; Nicolas Cage Will Pay The Ghost

Academy Award winner and notable movie hottie Halle Berry will star in Luis Prieto's upcoming thriller KIDNAP. The movie is described as "a heart-stopping action thriller following a mother (Berry) who will stop at nothing to rescue her kidnapped son."

"Not another kidnaping movie" said everyone while reading that plot. It sounds like she's on the other end of the line this time around after starring in 2013's THE CALL as a 911 operator who is trying to save an abducted girl. Thankfully you can see Berry in next week's release of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and here in this awesome picture of her.

Then there was Cage. The legend that is Nicolas Cage is set to star in the upcoming supernatural thriller PAY THE GHOST based on a short story written by author Tim Lebbon.

The story kicks off:

On Halloween night, a couple's young son is mysteriously abducted. A year later, they begin to sense his presence in frightening ways. A string of terrifying clues draws them to search for the boy throughout New York, where they uncover ancient secrets and discover a vicious, vengeful spirit.

Cage will play a hard-working NYU English professor whose aforementioned son vanishes. They had us at Nicolas Cage and horror movie right? He’s going to act scared and upset over his son disappearing? He’s going to act the shit out of this role.

And sure why not:



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