Check out the James Bond/Queen skit from the Olympics & an awesome new Skyfall TV spot!

I went out for dinner with my girl tonight and returned home to watch the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, as directed by the great Danny Boyle. After 4 1/2 hours, my reaction was....meh. No offense but once you've seen the Chinese version of the Olympic opening ceremonies, it's hard to get excited about much else. And I know everyone in the world loves Paul McCartney also, but really? Hey Jude? It's a decent song, but it didn't look like any of the athletes knew what the eff it was.

That aside, the highlight of the night was easily the "skit" done between James Bond (aka Daniel Craig) and the actual Queen of England (aka the Queen of England!!), who hopped onto a helicopter together, hovered over the stadium and yes...jumped out in parachutes! Yeah, yeah...of course it wasn't the "real Queen" who jumped out of the heli (insert your own Elton John joke here), but it was well shot and nice to see them having fun with it. You can watch the entire video below.

But a nicer surprise awaited me upon rebooting my laptop and that was this pretty cool new SKYFALL TV spot starring the real James Bond (aka Daniel Craig) having himself a good ol' time. Check it out below!

Source: JoBlo.com



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