Chris Evans joins Neill Blomkamp's new disaster movie Greenland

Chris Evans has spent the last few years saving the world from destruction as Captain America in the Marvel movies, earning our undying love in the process. But, his time as Cap may be coming to an end, and many are wondering what he will do next. Well, now it looks like he’ll be taking on a more humble role as a guy who is simply trying to survive a natural disaster in the new film from director Neill Blomkamp.

Word out of the Cannes Film Market is that Evans is set to star in the new film, GREENLAND, from the DISTRICT 9 and ELYSIUM director, details of which of are on the slim side. All we know is that the movie is about “one family’s fight for survival in the face of a cataclysmic natural disaster.” The movie will begin production later this year, and perhaps we can see it late 2019 or early 2020.

Evans can currently be seen in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, which recently became the highest-grossing superhero movie ever after a little over two weeks in theaters, which will be followed by AVENGERS 4 next year. He can also be seen on the stage in “Lobby Hero,” in which he trades his shield for an epic mustache and has thus earned critical acclaim for his performance.

As for Blomkamp, this will be his first major film since CHAPPIE was released in 2015 to poor reviews and middling box office. In the years since more and more has come out about his scrapped entry in the ALIEN franchise, and he’s started his own movie studio, Oats Studios. The studio puts out short films that can be seen for free via Steam and YouTube, with the first series of films titled “Oats Studios Volume 1,” with the first film being RAKKA.

Obviously, Evans is awesome, so we're all down to watch him in anything. When it comes to Blomkamp, DISTRICT was great, ELYSIUM was solid, and CHAPPIE is something I never want to watch again. I haven't seen anything from the Oats Studios series, but when it comes to feature films I very much want to see him back in the saddle. He's a smart man and an inventive filmmaker, and this new film sounds like something that could be a hit. As long as it doesn't have Die Antwoord in it, I'm sold.

Source: Cannes



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