Christopher Guest's HBO mockumentary series Family Tree gets a teaser trailer

I have loved every Christopher Guest movie up to FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. When Guest abandoned his mockumentary style of filmmaking that originated with THIS IS SPINAL TAP, Guest lost that magic. Sure, FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION was okay, but it was no WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, BEST IN SHOW, or even A MIGHTY WIND.

Guest, who hasn't directed a feature since FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION, has decided to take his latest project to HBO. FAMILY TREE has been in development for a while and we finally have our first look at the teaser for the show. Starring Chris O'Dowd as an guy tracking down his relatives across the world, also stars Guest's frequent troupe of actors, including Michael McKean, Fred Willard, Don Lake, and Ed Begley Jr. Jim Piddock, who created the show with Guest, also stars in the series.

I would assume the series will have a short run of 13 episodes or less, but I hope Guest finds a consistent way to be funny as having a weekly dose of his comedic genius would be a nice way to spend a television season.

FAMILY TREE premiers on HBO this May.

Source: Deadline



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