Christopher Nolan gives advice to the next person to tackle Batman

With the last chapter of Christopher Nolan's trilogy finally released, it's inevitable that the talks of a reboot or something of the like will start. The question, "Well, when do you think they will do another Batman film?" just hangs in the air, while the fans seem quite okay not entertaining the thought since THE DARK KNIGHT RISES left them satisfied. But when the time comes and Batman comes back, which he will, what advice does Nolan have for the next guy?

GeekTyrant grabbed this bit from Empire's podcast:

"The only advice I would have is that ... when I first met with Paul Levitz of DC Comics prior to Batman Begins, he explained to me clearly that Batman, of all superheroes, has thrived on reinterpretation and almost is strengthened by it. And I'm talking about over the years in the comic books but also in the movies. So when the time is right, whenever someone does whatever the next iteration of the character is, they simply need to be true to whatever it is they want to see, to what they believe in, not worry too much about what everyone else is telling them it should be."

Levitz was right. The story has to be told, but where will they take it? Will they want to start with the origin? Or will they go down a different road? I know there are other characters and storylines I'd like to see. Only time will tell.

Extra Tidbit: When Batman does come back to the big screen, what are your hopes for the next interpretation?
Source: EmpireGeekTyrant



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