Chuck Norris, John Travolta and JCVD all rumored to be a go for Expendables 2

It's going to be hard to try and top the cast of the first film, but Sly Stallone is doing his best to assemble the rest of earth's action stars for his next movie, to be helmed by CON AIR's Simon West.

According to a Bulgarian film CEO, David Varod, where the movie is shooting, he has seen who is a part of the cast, which has attracted some expected stars.

Chief among them would be JCVD, who turned down a spot in the first film, but supposedly had come around for the sequel. Chuck Norris is an interesting pick, because yeah, he used to be a supreme badass, but now he's gained fame more for being an internet meme and for his far right wing beliefs than anything else.

As for Travolta? I doubt we'll see him doing much fighting, and I would guess that he will play some sort of bad guy businessman role who has henchman kick ass for him.

Extra Tidbit: Who else do you think needs to be included?
Source: Collider



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