Clip from Spike Lee's new Michael Jackson doc gets Off The Wall

Enter into a conversation about the life and career of the late Michael Jackson, and you'll find that there is one period of both that is often left out or overlooked in your chat. People will bring up the Thriller or Bad albums... or they'll discuss the Jackson 5... or maybe they'll get into the molestation allegations or the substance issues later in his life... But very rarely will you find anyone who introduces Off The Wall into the discussion.

It's the album that helped transition Jackson into the solo star that very quickly would become known universally as "the King of Pop." It's the work that would help Jackson find his own voice and music beyond the Jackson 5... and apparently the 1979 work very much displayed Jackson's own STAR WARS fandom.

Spike Lee, who previously was behind the Michael Jackson documentary BAD 25, is at the helm for the documentary MICHAEL JACKSON'S JOURNEY FROM MOTOWN TO OFF THE WALL, which explores this lesser known chapter of Jackson's life, and, if you're planning to be at Sundance, you'll have the opportunity to catch it. However, if not, Showtime will be airing it on Friday, February 5, and today the cable network is offering up a sample of what you can expect from Lee's film.

Source: Showtime



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