Comic-Con trailer: What or Who is the new threat to Rick and crew in season four of The Walking Dead?

Fans of THE WALKING DEAD must be excited that we've gotten all these photos from the show. Now allow me to top that off with the nearly four and a half minute trailer for the new season. This is straight out of Comic Con, and gives us tons of scenarios to contemplate. For those who haven't read the comics anyway. Now they can go a different direction with the group but we'll have to wait until October to see what happens.

There's a lot going on here to fill like three or more pages so I think I'll let you check it out rather than recap. Not to mention that it would be a better experience for you to see than for me to give you my boring as, not as cool commentary. But I just want to say Tyreese and his hammer made my f*cking day.

THE WALKING DEAD returns October 13th, 2013.

Source: AMC



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