Cool Videos: A wonderful deconstruction of the beach scene from Jaws

There aren't too many directors who start off with their A-game right out of the gate, but Steven Spielberg is one of them. JAWS was only the young directors second (or third if you count DUEL) feature and, as we all know, it was an enormous success both commercially and critically. JAWS remains one of my favourite films and it's one that I revisit quite often so I was thrilled to stumble upon this great video-essay by 1848 Media which analyses and deconstructs the beach scene from the film.

I'm a complete sucker for this type of stuff so I can only hope that some of you are as well. I always learn something new from these types of deconstructions, or at the very least get to see how a scene unfolds through someone else's eyes. This is only the first episode of what they'll calling The Discarded Image, so I'll definitely be back when they post the second installment.

Which Spielberg film in your favourite?

Source: Vimeo



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