Could the green-band trailer for Seth MacFarlane's Ted be better than the red-band?

The red-band trailer for Seth MacFarlane's feature-length debut, TED, generated some very mixed feelings with quite a bit of animosity towards the project.  I thought the red-band trailer had some laughs, but was distracted by MacFarlane's "schtick" which felt like Family Guy in a teddy bear costume. 

Now, the green-band trailer is here and is suprisingly better...although I doubt it will reverse the opinions of those who were unimpressed with the red-band. 

Take a look:

This project is just so...odd.  Wahlberg and Kunis are great, but I'm all for some strange comedy, but I'm just not sure where this is headed.  It's almost too weird to get a handle on.  It's a high concept that feels like a Disney pitch gone bad.  I'm not even on the fence with this one.  I'm just kind of staring at it, deciding if I even want to start climbing.

I am genuinely curious to see what happens with this at the box office.  I know there are some rabid MacFarlane fans out there, but will they be enough to make this a hit? 

We'll find out when TED opens on July 13, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: Did MacFarlane peak with Family Guy or do you think he's got more to offer?
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