David Lynch halfway through Twin Peaks revival; series to air in early 2017

We've already seen a few revivals of once popular television shows this past year and 2016 looks to be full of even more of them; unfortunately, one of the most anticipated television revivals is still over a year away. For a moment it felt like David Lynch's revival of Twin Peaks over at Showtime was dead before it had even begun, but thankfully production on the new episodes of Twin Peaks is well underway. Showtime CEO David Nevins gave a Twin Peaks update at the Television Critics Associations winter press tour:

I’m excited to share that [Twin Peaks creator] David Lynch is more than halfway through shooting schedule, and it will premiere in the first half of 2017.

While it's still not a firm date, this does narrow things down a little as the only information we had about the premiere prior to this was that the series would debut "sometime in 2017." The Twin Peaks revival was originally set to include nine episodes, but it seems likely that it will run longer; we don't have an exact number of episode as David Lynch is shooting the series like one big movie and will edit it into episodes after all is said and done. A few new cast-members have joined the production in the past week, including Sherilyn Fenn returning to her role of Audrey Horne and Laura Dern in an unnamed role that is said to be "pivotal." TVLine even theorizes that her role could be that of Agent Cooper’s (Kyle McLachlan) never-before-seen secretary Diane. Interesting.

Source: TVLine



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