Deadpool 2, The New Mutants, & Gambit release dates undergo major shuffle

20th Century Fox announced a significant release date shuffle for three of their upcoming X-Men films, today. News of the shift comes hot off the heels of Gore Verbinski exiting Channing Tatum's long-in-the-works GAMBIT film. After juggling a few calendars around, DEADPOOL 2 will now release two weeks ahead of schedule, moving from its original release date of June 1st to May 18th.

Additionally, THE NEW MUTANTS from director Josh Boone is getting quite a serious push from the horror film's initial premiere date of April 13th to February 22, 2019! Blarg! I'm really looking forward to that one, too. Anyway, last on the list is GAMBIT starring Channing Tatum as the kinetically-charged Pepe Le Pew-like mutant with a taste for amor. After losing Verbinski as its director, GAMBIT will now move from its Valentine's Day release to June 7, 2019. Mon dieu, that movie just can't win, today. First it loses its director, and then its more-than-apt release date? It would appear as if luck is not in the cards for GAMBIT, right now. Here's hoping that Tatum's passion project X-Men film gets dealt a winning hand and fast.

With all of these movies getting jumbled around, DEADPOOL 2 will now arrive just two weeks after the release of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR starring damn-near every character in the Marvel Universe as well as the kitchen sink. Oh, and the merc in the red pajama's second outing will also debut one week before SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. Talk about stiff competition. It should be real interesting to watch the trends and numbers for this one.

Not long ago, Ryan Reynolds took to his personal Twitter account to accounced the new release date for DEADPOOL 2:

Let's all pour one out for GAMBIT's clever release date loss, and relish the idea of DEADPOOL 2 yucking it up in theaters two week's ahead of schedule, shall we?

Source: The Wrap



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