Didn't like how Godzilla handled Bryan Cranston's character? Neither did he!

Spoilers for Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA, but if you weren't happy with Bryan Cranston biting the big one after the first act of the movie, you weren't alone. Not only was Bryan Cranston dissatisfied with how his character went out, but he had an idea for an even better outcome! Speaking recently on the Nerdist podcast, Cranston offered up some classy suggestions on what he would have preferred went down had he been in charge.

Bryan Cranston on his character's fate in GODZILLA:

That character dying at that time was a mistake. I knew it when I read it. When I read it I said, 'Oh, page 50 this character who was the emotional core at the center, that was guiding the audience in the story up to that point - he dies?' What a waste.

They kind of dealt with it poorly, that's my only criticism of it because I think it was a fun movie, it was a very successful movie. I told them that even if I wasn't doing this role, that character shouldn't die at that point. It's just bad narrative, but they were too far down the road. I was the last guy hired because I was still shooting Breaking Bad and they kept pushing because Breaking Bad kept pushing. Finally, I was able to get in and do it.

That character should have been with his son and they would've started to bond a little bit more and they went on this journey together to go back home and be reintroduced to his grandson. Just when they're bonding and it looks like they could have a relationship, the father sacrifices himself to save his son. And that's the way he should have died.

Well, leave it up to Cranston to class up the joint, eh? Sounds more like a Spielberg flick, and I definitely mean that in a good way! Still, the main draw of any Godzilla joint is the monster, not the people, so maybe we'll journey along with a new group of people that we may actually care about for the second film.

GODZILLA 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on June 8, 2018.

Or, ya know, they could've done something like this.

Source: NerdistDigital Spy



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