Don Cheadle talks about a War Machine solo movie

Ever since Colonel James Rhodes eyeballed that silver armor in the first IRON MAN, we knew a WAR MACHINE spinoff project would probably fire up its boot jets at some point.

Rhodey Mark II himself, Don Cheadle, confirmed to MTV that an opportunity for his own adventure is in the works: "They're developing it now, they're working on that. I think they've hired a writer, so we'll see how it goes. It would be a lot of fun." (This would seem to verify the rumors from a few months back that the project was soliciting writers.)

Earlier last year, Cheadle wasn't quite so sure the character would ever get to fly solo, figuring Rhodes and the shiny weapon-clad suit would just be part of IRON MAN 3 or the already-crowded AVENGERS. "I don't think he shows up in that," Cheadle now says in response to the possibility of an AVENGERS cameo. "I think he's kind of a lone wolf."

Rhodes and his Variable Threat Response Battle Suit were last seen taking off while Tony Stark and Pepper Potts smooched, and even if the character doesn't end up in AVENGERS, it's probably a safe bet we'll get a mention or background glimpse given Marvel movies' penchant for Universe-related "Easter eggs".
Extra Tidbit: Does a WAR MACHINE movie interest you? And does the comic have enough secondary characters and/or villains to draw from, or will they need to surround Cheadle with original creations for the movie?
Source: MTV



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