Dumbo takes the stage in latest trailer for Disney's remake

You don’t even have to look at a full calendar to know that Disney is in for a massive year with 2019, with several blockbusters on the docket this first half of the year alone. One of the first in this lineup of hits is the live-action remake of the animated classic DUMBO, and a new trailer has dropped for the latest from Tim Burton that finds the elephant with a big heart and even bigger ears (awwwww!) getting all dolled up and ready for a show. Also, Danny DeVito needs to take a chill pill in this movie. Stop scaring the elephant!

Excitement levels may not be as high for this one as, say, THE LION KING remake, but we can still expect this movie to be a big hit for Disney. The adorableness of DUMBO alone should put some butts into the seats, and the marketing team is doing a smart job by pushing the big-eared cutie front and center. As you can see from the trailer there’s isn’t much new detail going on besides clips of the elephant doing its thing, the most notable addition being more footage of DeVito’s neurotic ringmaster. That’s all good because if there’s anything that’s going to get me into the theater it’s a crazed DeVito.

Along with precious elephant and a manic DeVito, DUMBO also stars Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Michael Keaton and more and hits theaters March 29.



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