Easter Egg Countdown: Spider-Man: Homecoming

With every new comic book movie comes tons of little Easter eggs scattered throughout, meant to be found by the most supreme of geeks, nerds and dweebs. SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING has a bevy of goodies, and we go through each one in the latest Easter Egg Countdown. There are some obvious little nods to the Spider-Man lore, like the Marvel logo being accompanied by the Spider-Man cartoon series theme, the old-school Avengers masks the ATM robbers wear, and the inclusion of an Ultron arm that the weapons dealers sell. But did you notice all the references to scientists in the movie, like Howard Stark, Dr. Erskine and Bruce Banner? How about the fact that the digital voice in Spidey’s (Tom Holland) suit is voiced by Jennifer Connelly, who is married to Paul Bettany, who once voiced J.A.R.V.I.S., the digital assistant of Tony Stark (until he became the Vision). There are almost 30 eggs for you to discover in the video, so swing on in!

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING is on Blu-ray now! 

Source: JoBlo



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