Epix has cancelled Graves starring Nick Nolte after two complete seasons

Epix has cancelled their first half-hour scripted comedy series GRAVES starring Nick Nolte as former President Richard Graves. The cancellation comes after the close of the show's 10-episode sophomore season, with the finale episode now serving as the series finale.

GRAVES told the tale of former two-term Republican Richard Graves, who after twenty five years of leaving office, arrives at the notion that his policies were a blight on the country. Upon realizing that he's wronged the good people of the United States of America, Graves embarks on a self-appointed mission to right his wrongs. MASTERS OF SEX star Heléne Yorke also appeared on the political comedy as Richard's wife, Olivia Graves, who throughout the program had political ambitions of her own.

When it first came out of the gate, GRAVES nabbed an early season two renewal after just a month of the debut season premiered in 2016. Unfortunately, reviews for the show were not great. Even the The Hollywood Reporter's own Daniel Fineberg once predicted that the show would "likely get buried" among other programs in its time slot.

Due to the cancellation, Epix no longer has any scripted comedies to offer its viewership. Thankfully, HBO's award-winning comedy VEEP starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus is still holding strong at the polls.    



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