Ex: Rob Liefeld talks Deadpool 2 & how the sequel compares to the original

Rob Liefeld is one of my favorite people to interview. He's one of the most animated and energetic people to have a conversation with and it's always a lengthy and engaging chat. As the creator of Deadpool, Cable and Domino (amongst many others), he's seen his creations come to life in ways that many creators dream about and he's certainly aware of his luck in having that happen. Now, DEADPOOL 2 is finally here, following on the heels of the groundbreaking (and fourth-wall shattering) original, which starred Ryan Reynolds as the shit-talking X-Universe anti-hero Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool. But, as promised in the post-credits of that film, Cable has joined the fray, portrayed by this summer's go-to guy Josh Brolin (with Zazie Beetz taking on the lucky lady Domino). In our long chat, we tackled a number of things, including some info on his upcoming Extreme Universe characters on Netflix (more on that later this week), but firstly we talk about DEADPOOL 2, including casting, Reynolds involvement and committment to the character, how the sequel compares to the original and what it's like seeing his characters brought to life on the big screen. 

Liefeld on the casting of Josh Brolin as Cable:

"There's going to be people who are introduced to him for the first time because of this movie, but I maintain, Cable is the last biggest Marvel character to make it to screen. In terms of fandom, sales, fan favorite popularity, Cable is a monster. And completely honest, I was biting my nails the entire casting process. I mean, I really felt like the movie, for me, was going to die on the casting, live or die on whoever they got as Cable. I wasn't even prepared for how many people came out of the woodworks trying to get that role. Then you go, "Oh, of course. I mean, it's a game-changer." Because Deadpool number one did so well, to be involved in the sequel at any level, for anybody, is gonna be a great accomplishment. I was very concerned, and could not have been more thrilled that Josh won the role. I mean, he's so good, and from the minute ... I mean, come on, Josh is just ... he's a great talent."

Liefeld on Ryan Reynolds involvement as writer, producer and star of DEADPOOL 2:

"And you know, oh, man, Leitch and Ryan in his capacity as producer ... And that's the thing, people don't understand. Ryan is very ... he's not going to get out there and fight to let you know all that he did, but he is such the creative force behind this entire franchise. I mean, he really is. He's beyond ... I mean, he's starring in it, producing it, putting the pieces together. I mean, you saw on today's ... the movie poster that got released, I mean, there it is, written. He's a writer on the movie. It's Rhett, Paul, and Ryan Reynolds. So I mean, he's just co-opted this entire world, and it's just a thrill to see how it's all come together, and in going bigger and getting David Leitch in the follow-up. Man, Paul, it's big."

Liefeld on how DEADPOOL 2 compares to the first film:

"At about the five minute mark, I knew I was gonna see it five times. And you're like, 'Of course you are.' No, no, no. I knew as a consumer I would be continuing to buy tickets for it, because it's packed with stuff that you go, 'Did I just see that?' There's tons of Easter eggs, eye candy, and you're gonna miss jokes. You're gonna laugh. It's such a feel good movie that I was like, we like to go to the movies and leave on a high, and I think this movie gets the job done. I think people are gonna ... it's such a good time, and I literally mean that. I emphasize good time, and I even chose to like ... that's why when I am out there trying to share the experience of the movie, I just think, you're gonna wanna go and have a good time. And I mean, Paul, it is. It's the perfect following to what I will call the sense-shattering devastation of Infinity War. You know? Now, go have a good time."

Liefeld on how Ryan Reynolds makes Deadpool funnier than the comics:

"And no one's ever portrayed him ... I mean, look. I've followed every comic. No one has ever portrayed him like Ryan has. I mean, people tell me all the time, 'Well, Deadpool is funny.' I go, 'Yeah, but he's never been as funny as this.' I mean, when you got a world class joke writer, acknowledge it. I mean, he's just great. Ryan just ... it's perfect. He's perfect."

Liefeld on the longevity of Reynolds playing Deadpool:

It's the Downey Jr. I know I think he found it, just like Downey Jr. found Tony Stark. I think it's the same thing. The other thing is, you know, because Ryan as Wade Wilson is a pizza face, which can hide his age forever, or he's under a mask, he can play this for 30 years.

Liefeld on how Deadpool was created to be a foil for Cable:

"Josh is ... I jumped up and down when they cast him. I meant it. I don't believe Cable could've been played by just anybody. I'm glad they were discerning, and he plays off Ryan great. They have great chemistry, I love watching them doing their world tour right now. I call it Ryan and Josh's excellent adventure. I mean, it's just fun watching them do their thing, and they're great. I mean, 'cause that ... when Cable ... Man, I can't even talk today. When Deadpool was introduced, he was introduced as a means to be a foil to Cable, and the fact that, I mean, that their relationship has defined an era of comics, and watching it get brought to life with Ryan, with Josh, and then with, like I said, with David shooting it? Dude!"

Liefeld on what it's like seeing his creations come to life on the big screen, even when they screw it up the first time:

"Obviously, now, we have this culture of movies that people are so engaged in. They're flocking to them. They've become the mythology of our time. Paul, it's just so satisfying. You go, 'I can't believe Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. I can't believe Josh Brolin is Cable. I can't believe Zazie Beetz is Domino.' I mean, it's just pinch me, pinch me, pinch me, pinch me all the way down the line...I carved my niche, and I mean, it's so tremendously satisfying. Look, early on, I mean, it was no secret. Cable connected. He connected, he got a giant audience. Deadpool also connected and got a giant audience. I'm just very fortunate that things have worked out as well. When Deadpool or Cable have been in cartoons, or video games, or toys, they've been really good products. There's nothing I'd look over and go, with the exception of Wolverine Origins, that you go, 'Yeah, missed that one.' But even by the time Wolverine Origins hit theaters, they knew behind the scenes they wanted to fix it. They knew they'd made a mistake."

DEADPOOL 2 hits theaters this week!

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