Exclusive 1:1 Interview with The Frozen Ground star Nicolas Cage!

When I sat down with the great Nicolas Cage, I asked how he was doing. He responded honestly to me that he was feeling good because it is always nice to be a part of a film you are truly proud of. And the film in question is the based on true life thriller THE FROZEN GROUND. In the film he portrays Alaskan State Trooper looking to track down a vicious serial killer played by John Cusack.

During a fantastic conversation, the actor discussed the many choices he has made. He is very aware of the over-the-top performances he has given and audience’s perceptions of his work. However as a fan, it is hard to not look back at the many terrific performances he has given including RAISING ARIZONA, MOONSTRUCK, LEAVING LAS VEGAS and even his latest, THE FROZEN GROUND. Am I a fan? Hell yes I am and good or bad, I always look forward to what he is taking on next.

THE FROZEN GROUND is opening in limited release as well as on demand this Friday, August 23rd.

Source: JoBlo.com



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