Exclusive 1:1 Interview With The Iceman Star Michael Shannon!

Michael Shannon is the real deal. He is one of the best actors working today and always seems to challenge himself in each and every role. From his work in BUG, SHOTGUN STORIES, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and TAKE SHELTER, the man has proven continuously what a talent he is. The same can be said for his latest, a tour-de-force as the real life Mafia hit man Richard Kuklinski in THE ICEMAN. His performance in the film is absolutely mesmerizing.

When I sat down with the actor we talked about playing this real life murderer who has taken so many lives without any thought. We talked about whether or not a character like this is simply a villain or some sort of anti-hero and we also discussed working with the director. While we didn’t get around to talking about his upcoming work in MAN OF STEEL, I briefly mentioned that I was looking forward to it before he left. He seemed generally grateful that I spent the short time we had talking about THE ICEMAN, a film he certainly is proud to be a part of. THE ICEMAN opens up on May 3rd!

Source: JoBlo.com



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