Exclusive: Karen Fukuhara is a girl with incredible gifts in Stray trailer

Karen Fukuhara showed off some impressive sword skills as Katana in SUICIDE SQUAD, but in the new movie STRAY, she will get to show off powers that make that sword look like a walking stick. In the movie from director Joe Sill, Fukuhara plays an orphaned teenager investigating her mother’s murder, and we here at JoBlo have an exclusive trailer that teases plenty of mystery, danger and moments where Fukuhara’s character gets to show off her powerful and destructive gifts. Best to keep a few paces away from her.

Between this new project and starring in the upcoming series THE BOYS, Fukuhara is starting to make a name for herself after her breakthrough role in SUICIDE SQUAD. The movie itself looks suitably eerie and ominous and could be an interesting entry in the indie sci-fi-thriller canon. Looking at the trailer I'm starting to wonder about what her powers are. Like, is she summoning lightning and also causing rifts in the space-time continuum?  Something tells me the police may be a bit over their head on this one. Is the Justice League available?

Here’s the synopsis:

An orphaned teenager teams up with the detective investigating her mother’s murder. They soon discover a supernatural force threatening the city and realize the teen possesses hidden powers of her own which might be the key to stopping it.

STRAY also stars Miyavi (KONG: SKULL ISLAND), Christine Woods (HBO’s HELL LADIES) and Ross Partridge (LAMB) and is in select theaters on On Demand March 1.




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