Exclusive: What will Lex Luthor be wearing in Batman V Superman?

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Over the weekend we got wind of a possible key villain (Doomsday) that may be appearing in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and a reiteration of who the MAIN villain is; Lex Luthor (as played by Jesse Eisenberg). There's been very little said of Lex's portrayal in the upcoming DCU film, with director Zack Snyder summing up the most about how he'll be portrayed thus far when he shared his first look at Eisenberg as Lex, saying:

"He’s not any of the Lexes that you’ve seen, that’s for sure. Other than him being a captain of industry and one person to the world and another person to himself. And bald, of course. Our Lex is disarming and he’s not fake. He says what he believes and he says what’s on his mind. If you can unravel the string and decipher what he means, it’s all there."

With the main conflict being between Bats and Supes initially, the true evil will of course reveal itself and many have wondered if we'll get a man of "talk" or a man of "action" in this new version of Luthor. Well, it appears we'll be getting both. According to a very trusted and reliable source, not only will Lex be the main villain, but he will also get in on the action...and will do so wearing his trademark green/purple WARSUIT! That's right, we will finally be seeing Lex don the armor he's worn for decades in the comics and various animated series/films. How will it look exactly? Our source says it will be very much like the many variations we've seen in the past and will obviously fit the style and look of the film (and DCCU films in general). Lex will don the suit for at least part of the film, but it's unclear if it's just in the finale. Either way, he'll be rockin' the suit and that more than likely means a throwdown with Supes (although we can't outright confirm that).

There have been many theories about how he gets the suit, one of them being that he gathers Kryptonian technology recovered from the Metropolis battle in MAN OF STEEL, possibly including the corpse of Zod, etc. We can't confirm any of the details or speculation on HOW he gets (or simply builds) the suit, only that he WILL wear it. Beyond that, we can also corroborate the reports that Lex isn't the only villain. Whether or not that's Doomsday or someone else, we can't confirm, but rest assured that when Batman and Superman are done beating the shit out of each other they'll have a few baddies to contend with. Good thing the good guys will have some back-up, eh?

So, there you go. Another piece of the closely guarded BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE puzzle is in place. What I dig about this is that it elevates Lex to his full potential, as he's been portrayed onscreen thus far as menacing, but also as a bit of a behind the scenes kind of guy and one that avoids the dirty work. He's been all suit-and-tie for the most part, so it'll be nice to see Lex unleashed as we've seen him in every other medium BUT film. As per the usual with scoops, feel free to take this as rumor until officially confirmed (or seen).

What do you think? Are you ready to see Lex in action or do you prefer the tactical, behind-the-scenes version?

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE hits theaters on March 25th, 2016.

Source: JoBlo.com



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