Exorcist author William Peter Blatty passes away at the age of 89

It is with a heavy heart and warm memories in excess that I bring you the news of writer and filmmaker William Peter Blatty's passing, whose life expired on Thursday at the age of 89. As a man of many talents, Blatty wrote the 1971 horror novel THE EXORCIST, which then went on to become one of the most sought-after supernatural horror films of all time.

This morning, THE EXORCIST director, William Friedkin, tweeted the following in regard to Blatty’s passing:

Never content to settle on a singular talent, Blatty dabbled in the art of screenwriting and directing as well. After the success of THE EXORCIST, Blatty went on to write and direct THE EXORCIST III. Furthermore, Blatty also wrote and directed the the dark 1980 thriller, THE NINTH CONFIGURATION, which was based on one of several novels he’d written in his lifetime. Most recently, Blatty’s work on THE EXORCIST was converted into a television series, which received high acclaim throughout its debut season.

Having been a fan of Blatty’s work since childhood, this news of his passing has cast a shadow on this day. We here at Joblo extend our most heartfelt condolences and warmest wishes to his family and loved ones. There’s no doubt that William’s work will live on forever, as lovers of both prose and film will be admiring and enjoying his contributions to the medium for generations to come.

Extra Tidbit: I grew up watching THE EXORCIST. My parents loved that film, and it was used as one of the prime examples of good horror filmmaking as my father educated me on the genre throughout my early years.



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