A new Exorcist trilogy announced with Ellen Burstyn returning

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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Get your pea soup and crucifixes ready as The Exorcist is coming back in a big way. After multiple failed sequels and a decent TV series, a brand new direct sequel to the classic William Friedkin masterpiece is about to be announced. While David Gordon Green's sequel has been buzzing around since his success resurrecting the Halloween franchise, a new report from Universal and Peacock reveals that his Exorcist project will be a massive trilogy that will cost upwards of $400 million.

If that's not enough to get your head spinning, it's also been confirmed that Ellen Burstyn will be reprising her Academy-nominated role as Chris MacNeil for the new trilogy. Also joining the effort of this Exorcist triple-threat is Academy Award nominee Leslie Odom Jr. (HamiltonOne Night in Miami)

"There's no better time to be joining forces with the team at Peacock, reuniting with the great team at Universal and finally getting to work with my friends at Blumhouse, than on this classic franchise, '' said David Robinson, Morgan Creek President. "David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, Scott Teems, and Peter Sattler have put together a compelling continuation of this iconic tale and I can't wait to bring this to fans around the world."

“Blumhouse has always experienced incredible partnership from the team at Universal, and I’m grateful to Donna Langley and Jimmy Horowitz for believing in the vision of David's film and having the foresight to be flexible with distribution, so the team feels top-notch support through the lifeline of the film. They're committed to the theatrical exhibition and will also serving streaming viewers well by bringing an exciting franchise like the 'Exorcist' to Peacock too," said Jason Blum, CEO and Founder of Blumhouse. "I'm grateful to be working with David Robinson and the great team at Morgan Creek on this iconic franchise."

The original 1973 film, The Exorcist has grossed over $441 million to date, making it the highest domestic grossing horror film for a 44-year-long run. The picture was also nominated for 10 Academy Awards, including one for Ellen Burstyn, who was nominated for Best Actress. The film also nabbed the honor of being the first horror film ever nominated for Best Picture.

Could it be? Will we finally get the follow-up to The Exorcist that the franchise demands? I have fond memories of the first Exorcist film. It was the only other horror movie besides George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead that scared the bejesus out of my mother. "It freaks me out because that shit could really happen," she used to say. I can't wait to tell her that a proper sequel to the first film in the series is in the works. She's going to have nightmares for weeks. Mwahaha!

Source: Universal Pictures

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