Expendables 4 will shoot next year to be released in 2017

Earlier this year, we received word that THE EXPENDABLES would be heading to TV. While that didn't completely rule out the possibility of an EXPENDABLES 4, I'm sure the bulk of us felt that was probably the case. Then Hulk Hogan announced that he had discussions with Sylvester Stallone about being a villain in the next EXPENDABLES movie. Well, Hogan might actually get that wish as Variety is reporting EXPENDABLES 4 will shoot next year, with a planned release date of 2017. No cast or director has been announced for the franchise, but the budget will top $100 million.

THE EXPENDABLES 3 under-performed by about $100 million compared to it's predecessors, but I'm happy that the powers that be still feel that there is a market for this type of movie. No director has quite nailed the formula of mixing old-school action and stars in today's cinematic world, but I have hope that Stallone and Co. can find a director to realize the vision. 4th time's the charm, right?

THE EXPENDABLES 4 will shoot in 2016.

They MUST bring back Antonio Banderas!

Source: Variety



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