Final Transformers trailer!

That's right, it's that time! I guess by now there's not really anything that the trailer can do to convince you to get to the cinema and check this badboy out as soon as it opens, you're either already there or you're not bothered. If you're not bothered... what the hell? This movie literally has everything, big robots, fighting, big robots fighting, Hugo Weaving's voice, someone that was in the DEAR SISTER short, eye-candy for the fellas (Megan Fox), eye-candy for the girls (Josh Duhamel)... What else do you need? I don't know why you're even still reading this, if I were you I'd just be scanning this piece of text, looking for the link to the trailer which is... err... ok it's HERE. I don't really know what to say here, since anyone in their right mind has already clicked on the link and is watching, but if you're still here, I think this trailer is sweet. It starts out completely different to what you'd expect and it's essentially all new footage. And the footage rocks. What's even better? We get to hear the legendary 'transforming' sound effect. Sorry Ben, but as much as I love ya, this is the best trailer of the year. GO ALREADY!
Extra Tidbit: It took approximately 38 hours to render one frame of the CGI animation. Appreciate that shit.
Source: Yahoo



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