First Game Over, Man! trailer shows the boys from Workaholics saving the day

If you were trapped in a hostage scenario, would you want the dudes from WORKAHOLICS to be the ones to take up arms and stop it? No? Me either, but that’s probably why the scenario is so goddamn hysterical, and why you should immediately watch the trailer for GAME OVER, MAN! Taking from action flicks like DIE HARD, the movie is about three waiters (Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm) who try to thwart a hostage scenario when armed assailants take over a hotel. The trailer is filled with bullets, f-bombs, violent shenanigans and all the Shaggy your heart desires. 

WORKAHOLICS grew on me the more I watched it, and I'm not shocked it lasted seven seasons. It has an immense fan base, and I'm sure all those folks will tune to Netflix to watch the movie. And why wouldn't they, or anyone else for that matter? It looks hilarious! The boys have great chemistry together and look like a great action comedy that will bring a lot of that WORKAHOLICS humor to the field. This movie actually could've played well in theaters, and I would've loved to see it with a big crowd. Oh well, I guess watching it alone on my couch will have to do. 

GAME OVER, MAN! hits Netflix March 23.

Source: Netflix



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