First official Deadpool trailers will premiere next week

Deadpool Tim Miller Ryan Reynolds Gina Carano Ed Skrein Banner

There's going to be not one, but two DEADPOOL trailers debuting next week, including a red-band trailer. Although there's a good chance both will end up online before or shortly after their release dates, Ryan Reynolds will be premiering the red-band one on TBS' Conan on Tuesday, August 4th and, as many of you already know, a green-band trailer is expected to screen in front of Fox's FANTASTIC FOUR, which will be in theaters on August 7th.

According to the Alberta Film Ratings site, the PG-rated trailer has a run time of 2 minutes and 24 seconds, while the 14A-rated trailer is about 17 few seconds longer. DEADPOOL won this year's San Diego Comic-con (and the internet) with its trailer, but because I'm a greedy bastard, I have my fingers crossed that the upcoming looks at the film will offer us new footage, and won't just be "officially released" versions of the well-received trailer. Are you ready to get your Chimichanga on with the DEADPOOL trailers?

DEADPOOL will hit theaters on February 12, 2016.



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