Gal Gadot dons the suit in new Wonder Woman 1984 image

Earlier this week we got some surprise images for WONDER WOMAN 1984 (with the surprise return of Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor), and surely many of you thought that’s all we would get for a bit given the movie is a long way off. But how wrong you were, as now we have another awesome pic from the movie that shows Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot suiting up for action.

Gadot took to Twitter this morning to post the new photo, showing her as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in all her bright and shining heroic glory. She looks to be surrounded by some gold, elegant structure, which is great, as her last adventure had her surrounded by a lot of mud and rubble. Gold is more preferable, I imagine.

Take a look below!

This is a 180 from the image we saw earlier this week which showed Prince staring at a bunch of TVs showing various 80s programs and such. The costume doesn’t look much different in terms of design from what we saw in WONDER WOMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE last year, although the red looks a bit brighter. It could just be the lighting, but given it’s set in the 80s they may be opting for more vibrant colors. DC is trying to aim for lighter fare, so could this mean they're going for brighter, comic book-accurate look?

What do you all think? Gadot looks amazing and heroic as always in the costume, and this is really getting me pumped for the new movie. The change in scenery, setting and decade could make for some exciting changes in style this time around, which is more than enough to set it apart from its already terrific predecessor. This pic also earns a point for surrounding her in gold, as she deserves to ALWAYS be surrounded in gold.

WONDER WOMAN 1984 with Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal and more arrives November 1, 2019.



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