Gary Oldman and Jay Baruchel to battle evil in the World War II set Panzer 88

Despite sharing some screen time in next year's ROBOCOP reboot, Gary Oldman and Jay Baruchel will team up for a darker story in PANZER 88. The World War II set horror movie will follow the recent trend of supernatural action movies like R.I.P.D. and the recently announced SEAL TEAM 666. This film will feature an adversary not often seen in the genre.

Here is the plot breakdown according to Bloody Disgusting:

Panzer 88 is set in 1944, as the German Army is pulling their forces out of Eastern Russia, and follows a beaten but unbroken 5-man crew of the German King Tiger tank dubbed Ilsa, retreating across an icy tundra. When they pick up a stranded SS officer involved in the massacre of a local Jewish village, they unwittingly enter into battle against an unstoppable golem-like creature that will stop at nothing to see them die. It continues to sound intriguing, and picturing those three actors as part of the crew makes it sound too good to be true.

The Golem is a cool creature and could make for a nice big screen monster if done correctly. Peter Briggs will direct PANZER 88 and producer Gary Kurtz will help bring it to fruition. There is no studio attached at this time which could be a bad sign. Gary Oldman certainly is a popular actor and appears in a lot of big projects, but he is also known to sign up for mediocre direct-to-Blu-ray fare as well.

PANZER 88 will also star Thomas Kretschmann and could be a nice addition to the WWII sub-genre of horror like Michael Mann's THE KEEP, HELLBOY, and DEAD SNOW.



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