Ghosts are real in latest Ghostbusters international trailer

kristen wiig, ghostbusters

Yeah, yeah... I get it. Some of you aren't going to see Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS. We know. You've told us... repeatedly. Moving on...

But for the rest of us who are willing to wait until we see the whole finished film before we pass any sort of judgment, there's a new international trailer for the film that focuses a lot on the ghosts that will be unleashed upon New York City this time around with some light Chris Hemsworth stupidity thrown in to get the comedy across. We've seen most of this before, but as Sony continues to tinker with how it's all presented, the material contained within is starting to grow on me. 

Hell, even Rowan as the logo brought to life is starting to head into levels of acceptance not afforded him in the beginning after that hideous toy reveal. It may not be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but what is really? And would you really want to see an attempt to re-do that over trying something different? 

No matter how much vitriol is spewed over this picture, it's never going to turn out to be anywhere near as bad as some would have you believe it'll be... and the deeper Sony presses into its marketing push, the more it looks like it'll be fine at the very least.

GHOSTBUSTERS lands in theaters on July 15.


Source: Sony Pictures



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