Green Lantern writer hired for Prometheus sequel; set for 2016 debut

The reviews of PROMETHEUS were sort of interesting. I meet people who either gets the idea of the film and where it was going, or they think it’s absolute garbage. Maybe that’s just the mentality of folks around here, but I’ve seen it online as well. You guys liked the ALIEN prequel, right? As someone who loves ALIEN, it took me at least two times before getting into it. I felt it was a little slow at first. I don’t know if I just had to be in the right mindset or what.

Ridley Scott and co-writer Jack Paglen (TRANSENDENCE) have been finished with his draft of the PROMETHEUS sequel for some time now. Originally the film was set to release in 2014 or 2015. Multiple sources are telling The Wrap that the “Untitled Ridley Project” of 2016 is indeed PROMETHEUS. Now it seems that a new writer has been hired to rework the PROMETHEUS 2 script.

GREEN LANTERN writer Michael Green will now take over penning duties. Green recently worked with Ridley on the new BLADE RUNNER.

Currently there are no other details on what PROMETHEUS 2 might be about except that there will be multiple David droids on the screen at once, which is fine by me. More Michael Fassbender the better.

PROMETHEUS 2 is scheduled for March 4, 2016.

What do you guys think about Green as the new writer?

Source: The Wrap



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