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There are comic book fans and then there are comic book MOVIE fans. Comic book fans are the ones that have read countless comics and then will nitpick (for better or worse) the screen adaptation. Comic book movie fans might have read a handful of Batman or Spider-Man comics but have more of a connection with the films. I fall somewhere in the middle and although the title may have the word "dummies" in it, I'm not looking down on those who have no clue who the members of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY are. I've talked about Marvel's Phase Two plans to some of my friends and whenever I bring up GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY I end up having to explain their entire existence.

I'm sure they're not the only ones and it's not like I'm a hardcore fan of the group, so this beginners guide to GUARDIANS at Collider is very handy for those who are unfamiliar with the comic. There's a run-down on how the group came to be as well as descriptions for each of the main characters. The article also mentions how certain characters and story arcs from the comics may be used in the film so there is a chance for spoilers.

While the casting news and rumors have been pretty exciting, it's hard to get pumped up for something you may not be an expert on. Would you have had as much enthusiasm for RDJ playing Iron Man if you had never heard of the character? That's why I love the internet: if you don't know something, just Google it. Well, that and the porn. If you are intrigued by the article and want to catch up on the comics don't worry; you have plenty of time before the films release on AUGUST 1st, 2014.

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Extra Tidbit: It doesn't matter to me if you've read the comics or not but based on whatever knowledge you have, what character from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY are you most excited to see on-screen?
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