Guillermo del Toro gives an update on his Justice League Dark project

Guillermo del Toro has a definite love of movies and making movies, there’s no denying that; but the man attaches himself to so many different projects, most of which have yet to see the light of day, that it’s hard to get really excited about something until you’re sure he’s on set rolling film on the darn thing. One of Guillermo del Toro’s many potential projects just popped up on the radar again; the one known as JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK. The director first spoke about the possible film several years ago and he seemed very excited about it.

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, which also goes by DARK UNIVERSE, would team up several of DC Comic’s most famous supernatural heroes into a team consisting of John Constantine, Swamp Thing, the Spectre, Deadman, and Zatanna. We’ve heard little of the film since then but Guillermo recently spoke with IGN and offered an update on where the project currently sits:

We turned in our [script] revision, and it all depends on the calendar, you know? If I can do it, I would love to do it. And I think the screenplay and the characters are very solid.

When JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK first went into development the DC Cinematic Universe was not yet fully formed; since then DC has laid out an ambitious plan for a variety of movies over the next five years but we’re not sure exactly where JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK would fall in those plans. Could the project inhabit its own universe separate from all the other films or will it have to learn to share with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman? Going bywhat Guillermo has to say it seems as though the plan is to fold it into the new DC Cinematic Universe:

You cannot say, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it after I do this,’ or ‘I have the first season of The Strain,’ [Justice League Dark] needs to fall into the plan of the DC Universe.

Previously it was assumed that del Toro would helm the film but it seems unlikely that the increasingly busy director will have time to actually shoot it himself, as he later added that, if he wasn't available, "somebody will do it." Keep in mind that the project has yet to given the official confirmation by Warner Bros but it definitely sounds like something the studio (and del Toro) are interested in getting off the ground.

While we ponder the what-if's we can at least look forward to a new Guillermo del Toro film coming sooner rather than later; CRIMSON PEAK opens on October 16, 2015.

Source: IGN



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