Hallelujah! Stephen King's The Bone Church to be developed as a series

Just when you thought there weren't enough page-to-screen adaptations based on the works of legendary horror writer Stephen King, Chris Long and David Ayer’s of Cedar Park Entertainment have announced that they're developing King's THE BONE CHURCH narrative poem to series.

Originally penned in the 60's, THE BONE CHURCH  was later revised in an effort to make it part of King's Bizarre of Bad Dreams anthology collection. According to Deadline, who broke the news early on Friday, THE BONE CHURCH tells the tale of an adventurer who organizes an expedition deep into a vast jungle land to locate the mythic Bone Church. They discover a secret not meant for the eyes of strangers. Only three of the 32 travelers escaped with their lives in a tale narrated by one of the survivors, who tells stories from a bar stool to patrons who’ll buy him drinks.

The development of THE BONE CHURCH will find King in familiar company thanks to his pre-existing relationship with Chris Long, who served as an executive producer on MR. MERCEDES, a TV adaptation of King's 2014 novel published by Scribner.

THE BONE CHURCH project joins an already impressive list of King properties currently in development for either television or the big screen. For example, Andy Muschietti is hard at work developing the sequel to last year's record-setting smash IT, while Hulu is busy preparing for the launch of CASTLE ROCK, the series set in a fictional world where established characters from some of King's most notable works co-exist. Furthermore, Mike Flanagan has recently announced that he's signed on to direct DOCTOR SLEEP, King's follow-up to THE SHINING.

Is there a Stephen King property that has yet to be developed for the big or small screen that you'd like to see? Let us know in the comments section below.

 The 10-episode CASTLE ROCK series will premiere on Hulu this summer.



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