Halloween may have found its sequel scribe; Main cast expected to return

As we should have expected from a franchise starring the likes of Michael Myers, the HALLOWEEN series is likely to come back with a new entry after the roaring success of last year’s sequel. Nothing has been solidified in the months since the new movie’s release, but it seems production company Blumhouse has found the new movie’s scribe in Scott Teems, who has reportedly been hired to write the script based on a "well-liked" treatment he has already written for the sequel.

Collider got the scoop that Teems has been hired by Blumhouse after already adapting two Stephen King stories for them – one for the classic FIRESTARTER and the other for the story THE BREATHING FUNCTION.  Teems is also a director who made his debut in 2009 with THE EVENING SUN, but word is he is only tapped to write the script here.

The report also claims the main cast of Strode women – Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak – are expected to reprise their roles, while there’s no word yet on if Danny McBride and David Gordon Green will return as producers, nor if the latter will come back to direct. McBride has been open about sequels before, saying how they once thought of pitching the idea for HALLOWEEN with a back-to-back sequel (the idea was obviously scrapped) and said he already had ideas for a sequel back in October.

The last movie arrived to terrific critical acclaim with critics calling it the best HALLOWEEN movie since the original (not quite as high a bar), and it went on to make over $150 million domestically to become the highest-grossing slasher movie of all time. The ending of the movie found the three leads leaving Myers trapped in a burning basement, but we all know that means nothing for his fate. There’s no word on a possible release date, but I would guess an October 2020 date is in the cards.

HALLOWEEN is on Blu-ray and Digital now. 

Source: Collider



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